give warm from company party committee to people with difficulties-尊龙凯时人生就博官网登录

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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-02-09 

as the spring festival approaches, the lives of the hard-working party members and the hard-working people are always concerned with the hearts of the company's leaders. on february 9, wang huaying, secretary of the party branch of taihua company, visited taitang company and liberated the community on behalf of taihua company. among them, there are two difficult households and two old and difficult party members in the liberation community. one of the families with difficulties has uremia. the children and grandmothers have become the mainstay of life at home, and the other is a single woman with mental illness. the two families of the difficult families in tangqiao community are quite similar. the mother and the children live together in a very difficult life. it is gratifying that the children study hard and keep moving towards the goal of graduate students.

when visiting the condolences, secretary wang asked them in detail about their physical condition and living conditions, and told them to take good care of their bodies and to report to the village party branch in time. at the same time encourage them to face life, overcome difficulties, and maintain an optimistic and healthy mentality. secretary wang sent them cooking oil and condolences and sent them a blessing in the new year to send the warmth of the company's party committee to their hearts.