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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-12-07 

company name:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd.

industry:textile industry

business profile:

zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. was established in february 2001. it has several wholly-owned subsidiaries such as taihua gaoxin dyeing & finishing (jiaxing) co., ltd., zhejiang jiahua special nylon co., ltd. and wujiang fuhua weaving co., ltd. mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of nylon filament, nylon grey fabric and nylon finished fabric. it is the only national high-tech enterprise capable of producing high-grade nylon 66-fdy products in china. it is the largest in china with the largest production chain and the most complete industrial chain. fabric manufacturers can develop and produce three series of environmental health, outdoor sports and special protection, and thousands of high-grade functional fabrics, which can be widely used in sports, outdoor, cold, fashion, leisure, military and special protection. based on jiaxing and relying on the advantages of the yangtze river delta industrial cluster, the company has established three industrial bases in wangdian, wangjiangyu and suzhou shengze. it has formed an annual output of 65,000 tons of nylon filament yarn, 500 million meters of grey fabric and 150 million meters of finished fabric. the scale of production capacity has become the leading enterprise in the segmentation of nylon fabrics in china. on september 21, 2017, zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. successfully landed on the a-share main board market with stock code 603055, becoming the first xiuzhou enterprise listed on the shanghai stock exchange.

green development related work and performance (with related materials):

based on the environmental policy of “clean production, energy saving, green enterprise, and sustainable development”, the company insists on organic integration of quality and efficiency, brand building, energy conservation and emission reduction, green development and integration, and continuously promotes product innovation and technological innovation. r&d product development takes differentiation, functionalization, health and fashion as the main development direction, and continuously develops green sustainable development products. representatively, there are raw liquid colored fiber fabrics, which have high color fastness and short production cycle. no dyeing processing is required, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by wastewater discharge. it has outstanding environmentally friendly characteristics. the bio-based pa56 fabric is based on starchy grain crops or agricultural waste, and 45% is derived from bio-based. "sunshine love" won the "best eco-friendly material application award" in the 2nd china eco-friendly fabric design competition 2017; recycled nylon yarn and fabrics were made from waste textiles and their products, using physical-chemical recovery technology. the green fiber fabric realizes the closed loop of fiber-fiber, allowing limited resources to carry out infinite loops, “making every textile endless.”

in recent years, the company has actively presided over and participated in the drafting of national and industry-standard energy-saving green standards, and participated in the formulation of the national standard gb/t 18916.20-2016 "water withdrawal quota part 20: chemical fiber filament weaving products", which was released in october 2016. participated in the formulation of the national standard gb/t 35611-2017 "green product evaluation textile products", released in december 2017; in 2018, presided over the development of the "water-saving enterprise chemical fiber filament weaving industry", has been approved.

the company takes sustainable development as its own responsibility and attaches importance to green production. the company's main products have passed iso9001 quality management and iso14001 environmental management system certification. in 2017, the company's recycled nylon yarns and fabrics passed the global textile recycling standard grs certification, becoming one of the few companies in china that can produce recycled nylon fabrics. the company's 6mw pumping steam turbine generator set was shut down in november 2017. due to the improvement of the company's production capacity, the company plans to use the energy comprehensive utilization technology reform project. it intends to use the existing boiler heat energy to drive the large air compressor by the impulsive steam turbine. the steam after the work is maintained to maintain the existing heat, and the pipe network is sent to each user. after the station is completed, it will replace 38 small electric compressors, saving 5,000 tons of standard coal annually, achieving the goal of saving energy, convenient operation and management, and stable and reliable gas supply. the company introduced foreign water-saving water jet loom, and at the same time established a sewage treatment system with a treatment capacity of 6000t/d to treat the production wastewater. the wastewater was 100% recycled for production after treatment, and 10% was included in jiaxing sewage pipe network. it has reduced the discharge of wastewater and saved the consumption of water resources. in 2014, it was awarded the “national textile industry energy-saving and emission reduction technology application demonstration enterprise”. in 2017, it was awarded as “water industry leader of water industry” by china textile industry federation. mr. shen weifeng, the general manager, was named “advanced individual in water efficiency promotion in the national textile industry”. in september 2016, the company signed the “contract energy management contract for distributed photovoltaic power generation project” with jiaxing xinneng new energy co., ltd., with an investment of 43.045 million yuan, and a total of 5.43mw photovoltaic power generation roof in the roof of our new material factory. on july 18, 2017, the grid-connected power generation was successful. as of september 25, 2018, a total of 6.875 million kw was generated, saving 2,926.37 tons of standard coal and 7,104 tons of carbon dioxide.